2017 Finalists

Congratulations to the 2017 Finalists of the Hadley’s Art Prize.

Download the full list of finalists here: Hadley’s Art Prize Finalists 2017.

Diane Allison, Where the Land Meets the Sea

Raymond Arnold, Elsewhere World/Prospect and Refuge II

Alec Baker, Ngayuku Ngura (My Country)

Thom Buchanan , Liminal

Nola Yurnangurnu Campbell, Patjarr

Karen Casey, Mapping Time

Susanna Castleden, Rottnest Sunrise

Philip Davey, Colonial Landscape

Amanda Davies, The mine site as stage (1974)

James Dodd, Nowhere

David Frank, Indulkana

Nyaparu (William) Gardiner, Strelley Mob

Gina, Breathing Space 3

Peggy Griffiths, Larrgen

Wei Guan, Reflection No. 5

Paul Gundry, The Rosetta Episode

Neil Haddon, We’ll make our own mistakes

Stephen Haley, Take Away

Patrick Hall, And While All The Time It Moves Away

Claudia  Husband, Lord of the Sky – Compass [Pyxis]

Tjungkara Ken, Seven Sisters

Tony Lloyd, Near Earth Asteroid with Highway (Ida)

Sue Lovegrove, …and all hands danced together

Margaret Loy Pula, Anayte (Bush Potato)

William Mackinnon, Community

Guy Maestri, Governor’s Ravages

Penny Mason, Tasmanian Summer – Pollen, Mist, Smoke, Hail, Embers

Peter Mungkuri, Ngura Wiru (Good Country)

Idris Murphy, Rainbow after broken drought

Laura Patterson, Selective Heritage

Julie Payne, Maria’s Ark

Louis Pratt, A Sun burnt Country

Amelda Read-Forsythe, Grieve and Reach

Brian Robinson, A curious bunch of bits and bobs-Oceanic artefacts at the Australian Museum

Luke Sciberras, Quandong Highway

Jane Tangney, The Neck

Lise Temple, Time Over Ruined Land

Peter Thomas, Aire River beach, Gadubanud country

Imants Tillers, Metaphysical Interior with Lighthouse

Luke Wagner, A Different History, Bruny Island, Tasmania, 1793

Mumu Mike Williams, Mapa Wiya (We Don’t Need a Map)