2017 Finalists

Congratulations to the 2017 Finalists of the Hadley’s Art Prize.

Download the full list of finalists here: Hadley’s Art Prize Finalists 2017.

Diane Allison, Where the Land Meets the Sea

Typed Carbon and Graph Paper, Carbon Paper Ink, Lighting
101 x 75 cm
Represented by Handmark Gallery


Raymond Arnold, Elsewhere World/Prospect and Refuge II

Etching Diptych
146 x 87 cm
Represented by Bett Gallery


Alec Baker, Ngayuku Ngura (My Country)

Ink on Hahnemühle Paper
125 x 96 cm
Represented by Alcaston Gallery and Iwantja Arts


Thom Buchanan, Liminal

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
121 x 121 cm
Represented by Hill Smith Gallery


Nola Yurnangurnu Campbell, Patjarr

Acrylic on Canvas
98 x 101 cm
Represented by Warakurna Artists


Karen Casey, Mapping Time

Natural Earth Pigments and Acrylic Binder on Fabric
103 x 150 cm


Susanna Castleden, Rottnest Sunrise

Gesso on Rag Paper
133 x 103 cm


Philip Davey, Colonial Landscape

Oil on Linen
141 x 126 cm
Represented by Australian Galleries


Amanda Davies, The Mine Site as Stage (1974)

Oil on Linen
138 x 123 cm
Represented by Bett Gallery


James Dodd, Nowhere

Acrylic on Linen
100 x 141 cm
Represented by Hugo Michell Gallery


David Frank, Indulkana

Acrylic on Canvas
50 x 35 cm
Represented by Iwantja Arts and Alcaston Gallery


Nyaparu (William) Gardiner, Strelley Mob

Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 91 cm
Represented by Greg Taylor, Spinifex Hill Studios


Gina, Breathing Space 3

Pastel on 500gsm Paper
75 x 87 cm

Peggy Griffiths, Larrgen

Natural Pigment on Canvas
126 x 130 cm
Represented by Waringarri Aboriginal Arts


Paul Gundry, The Rosetta Episode

Oil on Linen
79 x 64 cm
Represented by Colville Gallery


Neil Haddon, We’ll make our own mistakes

Oil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas
122 x 138 cm
Represented by Bett Gallery


Stephen Haley, Take Away

Oil on Linen
122 x 91 cm
Represented by Mars Gallery


Patrick Hall, And While All The Time It Moves Away

Graphite on Drafting Film, Paper, Acrylic, Motorised LED Lighting
60 x 120 cm
Represented by Despard Gallery


Claudia  Husband, Lord of the Sky – Compass [Pyxis]

105 x 81 cm


Tjungkara Ken, Seven Sisters

Acrylic on Linen
121 x 150 cm
Represented by Tjala Arts


Tony Lloyd, Near Earth Asteroid with Highway (Ida)

Oil on Linen
61 x 46 cm


Sue Lovegrove, …and all hands danced together

Gouache and Watercolour on Paper
60 x 48 cm
Represented by Bett Gallery


Margaret Loy Pula, Anayte (Bush Potato)

Acrylic on Linen
140 x 140 cm
Represented by Mitchell Fine Art


William Mackinnon, Community

Acrylic, Oil and Enamel on Linen
144 x 100 cm
Represented by Hugo Michell Gallery/Jan Murphy Gallery


Guy Maestri, Governor’s Ravages

Oil and Aerosol on Linen
112 x 150 cm
Represented by Jan Murphy Gallery


Penny Mason, Tasmanian Summer – Pollen, Mist, Smoke, Hail, Embers

Watercolour on Paper
142 x 79 cm


Peter Mungkuri, Ngura Wiru (Good Country)

Ink on Somerset Paper
148 x 108 cm
Represented by Iwantja Arts


Idris Murphy, Rainbow after broken drought

Acrylic on Aluminium
147 x 150 cm
Represented by King Street Gallery on William


Laura Patterson, Selective Heritage

Oil on Canvas
104 x 104 cm


Julie Payne, Maria’s Ark

Coloured Pencil, 3D Plaster Boats and Mixed Media
121 x 76 cm
Represented by Handmark Gallery


Louis Pratt, A Sun burnt Country

Coal, Pigment and Gold Leaf
150 x 150 cm
Represented by Nadda/Hobbs Contemporary


Amelda Read-Forsythe, Grieve and Reach

Oil on Board
149 x 91 cm


Brian Robinson, A curious bunch of bits and bobs-Oceanic artefacts at the Australian Museum

122 x 73 cm
Represented by Mossenson Galleries


Luke Sciberras, Quandong Highway

Oil on Board
150 x 125 cm
Represented by King Street Gallery on William


Jane Tangney, The Neck

Oil and Beeswax on Canvas
137 x 141 cm


Lise Temple, Time Over Ruined Land

Oil on Canvas
137 x 102 cm


Peter Thomas, Aire River beach, Gadubanud country

Synthetic Polymer Paint and Screenprint on Panel Mounted Felt
79 x 96 cm
Represented by Fox Galleries


Imants Tillers, Metaphysical Interior with Lighthouse

Acrylic and Gouache on 24 Canvas Boards
142 x 150 cm
Represented by Bett Gallery


Luke Wagner, A Different History, Bruny Island, Tasmania, 1793

Oil, Wax and Adventure Bay Charcoal on Linen
106 x 150 cm
Represented by Colville Gallery


Guan Wei, Reflection No. 5

Acrylic on Canvas
104 x 128 cm
Represented by Martin Browne Contemporary


Mumu Mike Williams, Mapa Wiya (We Don’t Need a Map)

Acrylic Marker Pen on Found Map
107 x 99 cm
Represented by Mimili Maku Arts